Instant Magazine announces its name change to Foleon as part of its rebranding efforts

Foleon positions itself as the successor to PDF

New York, 18 February 2019 - Instant Magazine, a creative platform for building and publishing immersive web content, is changing its name to Foleon. The name change is accompanied by a refreshed visual identity, product improvements, and a broader vision encouraging users that "It's okay to show off."

Why Foleon?

Due to continuous developments of the platform, the name Instant Magazine no longer covers the diversity of Foleon’s use cases. Instant Magazine was primarily used for creating online magazines. Today, however, the platform is used to create a multitude of marketing and communication assets like interactive brochures, white papers, internal newsletters, and microsites.

"The new name, Foleon, is derived from 'Folio' and 'Portfolio',” says Daan Reijnders, co-founder and CEO of Foleon. “The ‘on’ is powerful and stands for interactive and online."

A successor to PDF

Over 1,300 organizations are now using Foleon. The company has rapidly scaled to almost 100 employees in offices spread across Amsterdam, New York City, and London.

"Our ambition is to become the international standard for interactive web content," says Reijnders. "We want to offer the creative suite for building all content that you previously produced in print or PDF. We also want to help our clients create relevant content that is visually immersive, media-rich, and looks great on any device. All publications are measurable, giving our users valuable insights into reader behavior, and allowing them to better tailor their content to their target group."

A completely new dashboard and free publication templates

Together with the new brand, Foleon redeveloped its dashboard. It includes lots of new features, and helps users create publications even faster with a suite of professionally designed templates. Other major upcoming product improvements include a template builder, user management, CRM integrations, a chart builder, and more.

"It's okay to show off" is the essence of Foleon’s new identity. "With Foleon you create content that really stands out,” says Reijnders. “You should be proud of this impressive content and share it with the world, hence the new tagline."


In line with the new brand essence, the Foleon team surprised the founders during the internal launch of the new brand. How? Find out in this video: Foleon Launch & Brand Reveal.

About Foleon

Foleon is a content creation platform that makes it easy for anyone to create interactive content that is 100% on brand. They provide B2B companies with an intuitive drag & drop editor and interactive Foleon Doc format that empowers them to create bespoke digital content experiences that are engaging, intelligent, and scalable.

Most companies are still wasting time, money, and energy on publishing their most valuable content in ineffective legacy formats. PDFs are a headache to produce, a bore to read, and totally void of reader insights. Foleon, on the other hand, offers a modern format that is easy to create, highly engaging, and full of the intelligence you’ve been missing.

Founded in Amsterdam with locations in the US and Europe, Foleon is on a mission to empower companies to create the content their audience craves.

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